Post-Game Traffic

Traffic MapPost-game traffic management plans are coordinated with law enforcement from surrounding areas to ensure that fans get on their way in a safe and timely manner.

  • Once the game ends, vehicles will be directed to the Georgia 10 Loop, which circles Athens and provides the easiest access to all routes out of town. This is done to keep cars off of smaller streets that are not designed to carry the load of gameday vehicles.
  • Follow the direction in which staff sends you.
  • Don’t turn around in the median
  • Follow the signs and you will eventually get to your desired destination, probably faster than you think.
  • Tune into AM 1650 for traffic and emergency information.

*Please note that law enforcement will periodically make changes to the route based on weather, traffic, and other conditions. Because of this, you may be sent a different direction from game-to-game, but this is all done in order to get fans to their desired destination in the most efficient manner possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t normally take the Loop, how do I get where I want to go?   Read More ▼
The Georgia 10 Loop circles Athens. Many times, the direction you are used to taking actually takes longer, based on traffic flow. That is why law enforcement in the area will be positioned at points around the loop to direct traffic. Also, signs will help direct fans to their desired destination. 
How can I get traffic information on gameday?   Read More ▼
Signs will be posted throughout the city directing people in and out of town. This will include multiple LED signs on the Loop. Also, tune into AM 1650 for recorded traffic and emergency information. In case of emergency, law enforcement officers will alert the public through this frequency.
How will the parking plan improve traffic?   Read More ▼
The changes on campus over the past several years positively impact traffic in a multitude of ways. First, cars are moved from the sidewalks and into proper parking areas. With the sidewalks open for pedestrians, they can get out of the streets, allowing for a much smoother flow of post-game traffic. Second, proper parking allows easier exit from the parking lots and decks. Finally, more staff and signage on and around campus will help move traffic, getting fans out of town in an orderly manner.