Tailgating Information

To ensure that gamedays are safe and enjoyable for everyone, Bulldog fans are asked to adhere to a few regulations on gameday.

Please click here for more information about tailgating on North Campus.

There is no tailgating allowed in the Intramural Field area.

Tailgating Regulations

No tailgating setups before 7:00 a.m. on Saturday.

  • Fans may park vehicles in open university spaces prior to 7:00 a.m. as long as tailgating items remain inside the vehicle and fans remain quiet. Fans may park in spaces managed by the Athletics Association starting at 7:00 a.m.
  • Charcoal grills are permitted. Open wood burning or other fires fueled by physical material (paper, trash, fire logs etc.) are not allowed on the ground, fire rings, or in chimineas.
  • Propane tanks or cylinders containing compressed gas (turkey fryers, low country boils, grills, or portable heaters) are not allowed for any purpose. This regulation does not apply to grills using disposable propane canisters of 17 ounces or less.
  • No unauthorized use of UGA resources (power and cable hookups).
  • Fans who want to watch television or use other entertainment devices that require electricity are allowed to do so as long as they provide their own power and video source.
  • No household furniture (folding chairs are permitted).

Gameday Resources


  • There are hundreds of portable toilets around the campus on gamedays. In addition, permanent restrooms are available at the Tate Student Center, Miller Learning Center, Joe Frank Harris Commons, and Bolton Dining Commons.

Trash and recycling receptacles:

  • Trash receptacles are placed in heavy-traffic areas around the stadium. We ask that you please bag your trash and either take it with you or leave it at your tailgating area. The UGA clean-up crew will gladly remove it for you. Please visit our Garbage & Recycling page for more information. 

Premium Tailgating

Provided by Bulldogs Tailgate Club

Located in Reed Quad just outside of Gate 3, Bulldogs Tailgate Club offers customizable tailgate packages to suit your unique game day needs, catering options to make meals a breeze, and a prime reserved tailgate space only steps from Sanford Stadium. Sizes of tents and availability vary by game. 

Visit the Bulldogs Tailgate Club website for more information.  

Corporate / Professional Tailgates

Large corporate and “professional” tailgates are not allowed on campus as they violate both state and local laws.

If you wish to organize a corporate or “professional” tailgate, contact Georgia Bulldog Sports Marketing for information concerning designated corporate areas. Additional large-group parking and tailgating may be available through private lots near campus.

Prohibited activities that designate a corporate or “professional” tailgate:

  • Security – No tailgate can have private security.
  • Bartenders – All tailgates must be self-serve.
  • Commercial Advertisements – Tailgates can not promote alcohol or tobacco products on campus.
  • Physical Barriers – Fences, gating, and other physical barriers limiting access are prohibited.
  • Limited Access or Admission – This includes items such as wristbands, hand stamps, and other methods that limit access to public property within a tailgate.
  • Transactions for Service – Sale of services or admission is prohibited.
  • Product Give-Aways – There can be no product give-aways for promotional purposes.
  • DJ – There can be no DJ services on campus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did UGA implement the Gameday Gameplan?   Read More ▼

The vast majority of UGA fans conduct themselves appropriately on gameday. In recent years, the increased support and attendance on gamedays has led to more safety concerns and damage to the campus.

The Gameday Gameplan will change very little for most Bulldog fans and will help ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone who comes to a game.

What sort of safety concerns do these regulations address?   Read More ▼

Parking on sidewalks is a good example. When cars are parked on the sidewalk, pedestrians are pushed into the street and into the path of vehicle traffic. This is especially dangerous after games, when 90,000 or more fans are leaving the stadium.

This also makes it difficult for emergency vehicles – police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks – to respond to an emergency when needed.

Are any other SEC or National schools doing this?   Read More ▼

Yes, almost all SEC schools have similar plans, and have had them for several years. In fact, Georgia’s plan is very consistent with other schools’ plans, and not as restrictive as some. At Tennessee, for example, all campus parking is by permit only. Florida, prohibits open containers of alcohol on campus. LSU does not allow tents to be set up before 7 a.m. on gameday, limits the size of tents and requires that they be taken down before the game. Other schools, such as Auburn, Mississippi State and Texas A&M have taken similar measures.

Nationally, Notre Dame does not allow set-up before 7:30, prohibits tents and charcoal grills and does not allow tail gating during the game. Other national schools to address these issues are the University of North Carolina and the University of Michigan.

Where are restrooms located on gameday?   Read More ▼
Portable restrooms will be set up around campus. In addition, permanent restrooms are available at theTate Center, Miller Learning Center, Joe Frank Harris Commons, and Bolton Dining Commons.
I usually set up my tailgate on Friday night and come back on Saturday. What’s the problem with that?   Read More ▼

The campus is home to our students, and fans should show the same courtesy to them that they would expect in their own homes and backyards.

Does the fact that I can’t set up a tailgate before 7 a.m. on gameday prevent me from coming onto campus before that time?   Read More ▼

Fans will still be able to arrive early on campus and park their cars in open university spaces as long as they do not begin creating noise and setting any items (tailgate equipment, tents, tables chairs etc.) before 7 a.m. As long as these items remain inside a vehicle people can arrive and park prior to the 7 a.m. approved tailgating time. Fans may park in spaces managed by the Athletic Association starting at 7:00 a.m.

Where can I get power for my TV?   Read More ▼
We recommend that you use your vehicle to power any audio or video equipment. AC converters can be purchased at most electronics stores. Generators are permitted (except on North Campus), but are not recommended as they present many safety hazards. Plugging into any UGA power source is strictly prohibited.
How is alcohol consumption managed on gamedays?   Read More ▼
Legal and responsible consumption of alcohol is allowed on campus on gamedays. Please note, there are 17 city streets that run through campus and are under the jurisdiction of Athens-Clarke County Government regulations, which includes an ordinance banning open containers of alcoholic beverages.
Are open fires allowed at tailgates?   Read More ▼
Open wood burning or other fires fueled by physical material (paper, trash, fire logs etc.) are not allowed on the ground, fire rings, or in chimineas. Fires are simply too dangerous with all of the pedestrian and vehicle traffic on gamesdays. In addition there remains too great of a possibility that embers remain smoldering once all tailgates are packed up and fans go home. This does not apply to charcoal fires contained within grills.