Parking Information

Season Parking Passes

Fans can purchase a pre-paid season parking pass, guaranteeing them a spot in the deck of their choice, regardless of when they arrive. Season ticket holders will get information about how to purchase season passes when their game tickets arrive. Click here for more information.

Daily Gameday Parking

Free parking is available in areas on East Campus on a first-come, first served basis. It is recommended that fans who want to park at or near the East Deck arrive far in advance of kickoff time.

Parking is also available in the Ramsey Center Complex, Carlton, and PAC Complex decks on a first come first served basis at $20 per space per game. 

Overfow Parking

The Intramural Fields area will be available for overflow parking AFTER all East Campus areas are full. 

The Intramural Fields Parking Deck and the four softball fields adjacent to East Campus Road (fields 2,3,4 and 5) are available for free football parking.

Fans parking at the Intramural Fields are asked to remove their cars no later than 3 hours after the game ends. Cars remaining after that time will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

No tailgating is allowed at the Intramural Fields.

Additional Resources

Note: Most of the lots surrounding the stadium are permitted by the Athletic Association and allocated through their points system

Parking Regulations

Parking rules will be enforced during all home games.

"No Parking" signs are placed in certain areas.

  • These areas are strictly enforced.
  • Just because an area does not have a "No Parking" sign or is not marked with a red or yellow curb does it mean the area is fair game.
  • Vehicles should stay confined within the white lines of a legitimate parking space or risk being towed.
  • Fans should refrain from parking in other areas unless directed by UGA Police or Parking Services personnel.

Citizens are reminded to secure their vehicles and property prior to heading to the stadium. Valuables should not be left in the passenger compartment of the vehicle where they can be seen. 

RV Parking

There are designated areas for RVs and large trailers in several locations on campus. Transportation and Parking Services sells season passes to the Oconee Street Lot (N02), and single game RV passes are available in the Chicopee Lot (N01).

*Please note customers in the N02 lot are eligible to have their pass renewed each year and the number of passes available to new customers is limited based on these renewals. 

For more information on these areas, please contact Transportation and Parking Services.

Additional RV spaces are available through Bulldog Park and other private lot owners.

Parking For Fans With Disabilities

Fans with disabilities are advised to park in the East Campus Parking Deck area. It is recommended that fans who want to park at or near the East Deck arrive far in advance of kickoff time and take the free shuttle to Gate 6 at Sanford Stadium. All shuttles are accessible.

UGA also provides disability parking on the east side of campus in several of our free lots and decks, however there will be no shuttle service provided in these areas. 

Be advised that fans in wheelchairs or who have difficulties walking up to 1/2 mile on uneven terrain are not advised to park at the Intramural Fields. 

Note: Disability spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.

If you have questions, call 706-542-PARK or click here.

Parking Regulations

Sidewalk parking is not allowed on campus unless directed by UGA police or parking services.

Parking on grass and other landscaped areas is not allowed (except as designated by the University).

  • There are enough spaces on campus for all of the vehicles that arrive on gameday, so please be patient and park in an approved space.
  • Fans using a tent or canopy over the tailgate of a vehicle should keep travel lanes open for vehicle traffic and should not take up space in other parking spaces.

One vehicle per parking space.

Golf carts or ATVs are not permitted on campus.

Trailers or other pull-behind items are allowed in University parking lots.

  • The pull-behind item must fit in a marked parking space and not extend into any adjacent space, driveway or lane of traffic within a parking lot.
  • Trailers and pull-behinds are subject to all parking rules and towing.

Tailgates (tents, tables, etc.) can not be set up in parking spaces on campus.

  • This includes those areas controlled by the Athletic Association. 
  • Any item (trailer, grill, etc.) that takes up a space requires a permit which may be purchased in designated parking areas.  

Additional Parking Information:

Additional Gameday Parking Lots:


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there free lots on campus during gamedays and which should I use?   Read More ▼
Yes. There are free spaces scattered throughout campus. The highest concentration of free spaces is at the East Campus area around the Ramsey Center. This includes free parking in the East Deck area and the Intramural Fields overflow parking areas. Once the available spaces are exhausted in those areas, additional overflow parking will be made available at the Intramural Fields across College Station Road.
Where can I find information about parking and traffic on gameday?   Read More ▼
The University has set up an AM frequency at 1650 AM that will provide recorded information that runs continuously concerning traffic and parking issues. In the case of an emergency, the police will interrupt the recording with live information to assist fans.
Where can I get information on parking decks?   Read More ▼
For more information on on-campus parking decks, please click here.
Can I have a grill in the parking deck?   Read More ▼
No, grills and other flammable devices are not allowed in or on top of the parking deck. We ask that you set up your grill in an open area outside the deck.
May we save spaces for others within a lot?   Read More ▼
No. All parking on campus (other than those controlled by the Athletic Department or pre-sold in parking decks) is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Where can I set up my tailgate within a parking lot?   Read More ▼
Most parking lots are surrounded by grassy areas where fans can set up their tailgate. In addition, chairs that are easily moveable can be set up on sidewalks, as long as they allow the free passage of pedestrians through the area. Inside a parking lot, all tailgates should keep travel lanes open for vehicle traffic and should not take up, or block access to, other parking spaces.


Intramural Field FAQs

Will there again be parking on the intramural fields?   Read More ▼
Yes. Due to the limited space on campus, there may be a need to park cars on the intramural fields. The Intramural Fields deck will allow us to accommodate more cars in the area. Once the deck space is full, we will move overflow parking to the Intramural Fields. The Intramural Fields will only be used for parking after all spaces on East Campus have been exhausted. Once that point is reached, attendants will direct people across College Station Road to the fields.
Is there a charge to park in the parking deck at the Intramural Fields?   Read More ▼
No. The parking deck at the Intramural Field is free of charge.
Once the game ends, how long can I keep my car on the intramural fields?   Read More ▼
Fans parking at the Intramural Fields are asked to remove their cars no later than 3 hours after the game ends. Cars remaining after that time will be towed at the owner’s expense.
Can I tailgate on the Intramural Fields?   Read More ▼
No, we do not allow tailgating in the Intramural Fields area.