Sanford Stadium

On Saturdays in the fall, 92,746 fans pour into Sanford Stadium, which would make it the seventh largest town in Georgia for the hours of the game. It is imperative that fans respect each other and the facilities.  For a full list of Sanford Stadium policies, click here.

Fan Text Messaging System

The Athletic Association has implemented a text messaging system that allows fans to communicate directly with the stadium’s command post if assistance is needed in dealing with any special needs inside the stadium.

Should fans need assistance while inside the stadium, they will be able to contact event management staff by sending a text message from their phone. Simply text “DAWGS,"  as well as the Issue and Location of incident to 69050. Please note that standard data and SMS rates apply.

Be sure to include the problem and location of the incident, including section row and seat number (if applicable) in the message.