For years, Bulldog opponents have taken their beatings at Sanford Stadium, but game day also takes its toll on the UGA campus.

Below is a photo taken Sunday morning after an SEC night game. Click on the image below to launch a slideshow.


 As you can imagine, nearly 100,000 fans having a good time can generate a lot of waste. In fact, the numbers are staggering. Here are just a few interesting ones:

  • 1,200 – The number of additional trash receptacles placed on the UGA campus on a Friday afternoon before a home game. This is in addition to the hundreds that are already there permanently
  • 34 – The average tons of garbage taken to the local landfill from the UGA campus following a home game in 2008
  • 72 – The tons of garbage taken to the landfill after an SEC night game
  • 200 – How many people it takes to clean up the campus after a home game
  • 24 – The number of hours it takes to clean the campus after a home game so that students can resume their normal schedule on Monday morning

While those numbers are massive, they can be reduced. It takes each fan, doing his or her part, to help us protect the campus and the environment.

Here are three simple steps to help us reduce the waste on campus after a home game.

Bring less to your tailgate

The fewer disposable items you bring to campus, the less we have to take to the landfill. This can be accomplished in many ways:

  • Combine multiple packages of food items into one reusable container and dispose of the packaging at home
  • Bring reusable cups and utensils instead of disposable ones to games
  • Bring drinks in 2-liter containers instead of cans and pour the drinks into reusable cups

Bag your trash

It is important that the University campus is returned to its pristine state prior to the students returning to class Monday morning. To achieve this, a crew of 200 people descends upon campus after a game and removes all waste by sundown Sunday evening. We ask that you please bag your trash and either take it with you or leave it at your tailgating area. The UGA clean-up crew will gladly remove it for you.

Recycle what you can

Many of the items discarded after a day of tailgating are easily recycled. For instance, plastic bottles, cans and cardboard items can be recycled instead of taking up space in the landfill. In an effort to make gameday recycling easier, the University has two new initiatives this year:

  • Deposit your recyclables in the Dawg House recycling bins. These will be located on your way to the stadium and you can deposit cans, glass and plastic bottles.

So let’s respect the campus and represent the Bulldog Nation with pride. 

For more information on the campus-wide sustainability initiative, please click here.