Tailgating at the University of Georgia is an institution unlike any other. To ensure that gamedays are safe and enjoyable for everyone, Bulldog fans are asked to adhere to a few regulations on gameday:

Tailgating Regulations

No tailgating setups before 7 a.m. on Saturday.

 Please click here for more information on tailgating at North Campus
  • The University of Georgia is an institution of higher education for more than 33,000 students. No one wants someone partying in their neighborhood before 7 a.m. The campus is the “neighborhood” for UGA students, and we hope our fans will respect that.
  • People will still be able to park cars in legal spaces in advance, and arrive before 7 a.m. on campus, as long as they don’t begin creating noise and setting up any items (tailgate equipment, tables, chairs, tents) before 7 a.m..  As long as these items remain inside a vehicle people can arrive and park prior to the 7 a.m. approved tailgating time.
  • Wood burning or other physical material fueled fires are prohibited aside from charcoal that is contained within a grill. 
  • Propane tanks or cylinder containing compressed gas are not allowed for any purpose (turkey fryers low country boils, grills, or portable heaters). This regulation does not apply to grills using disposable propane canisters of 17 ounces or less.

  • No unauthorized use of UGA resources (power and cable hookups).
  • Fans who want to watch television or use other entertainment devices that require electricity are allowed to do so as long as they provide their own power and video source.
  • No household furniture (folding chairs not included)

In addition to these regulations, the University has taken measures to ensure that the day enjoyable for fans of all ages:


  • There are hundreds of portable toilets around the campus on gamedays. In addition, permanent restrooms are available at the Tate Center, Student Learning Center Joe Frank Harris Commons and Bolton Dining Commons

Trash and recycling receptacles:

  • In recent years, while the Bulldogs have been winning on the field, the campus has been losing. Students and local residents are left to face the aftermath of gamedays, while many fans leave town and are not aware of the clean up that takes place. To alleviate this problem, more trash receptacles have been placed in heavy-traffic areas around the stadium. We ask that you please bag your trash and either take it with you or leave it at your tailgating area. The UGA clean-up crew will gladly remove it for you. Please visit our Garbage & Recycling page for more information.

Corporate / Professional Tailgates

Large corporate and “professional” tailgates violate both state and local laws and they take up large amounts of space, pushing others farther away from the stadium and taking up prime tailgating spaces for regular fans. For that reason, those who wish to organize corporate and “professional” tailgates should contact Georgia IMG Sports Marketing for information concerning designated corporate areas. Additional large group parking and tailgating may be available through other private lot owners around campus.

Activities which designate a corporate or “professional” tailgate and are prohibited are:

  • Security – No tailgate can have private security.
  • Bartenders – All tailgates must be self-serve.
  • Commercial Advertisements – Tailgates can not promote alcohol or tobacco products on campus.
  • Physical Barriers – Fences, gating, and other physical barriers limiting access are prohibited.
  • Limited Access or Admission – This includes items such as wristbands, hand stamps and other methods that limit access to public property within a tailgate.
  • Transactions for Service – Sale of services or admission is prohibited.
  • Product Give-Aways – There can be no product give-aways for promotional purposes.
  • DJ – There can be no DJ services on campus.