Gameday Safety

The University of Georgia and Athens-Clarke County Police Departments wish to provide some reminders to help citizens have a safe and enjoyable season of University of Georgia Football.

There are five licensed taxi cab companies operating in Athens-Clarke County.  They are: Your Cab, 5 Star Taxi, Much Luv, United Taxi, and Golden Taxi.  All taxi cabs are required to have a light permanently installed on the top of the vehicle and the company name must be on the front driver and passenger door and on the rear of the vehicle.   Please don’t get into vehicles that you are not familiar with unless you first verify that it is one of the licensed taxi cab companies. 

Parking rules will be enforced during all home games.  No parking signs are placed out in certain areas and these areas are strictly enforced.  Keep in mind that just because an area does not have a no parking sign or is not marked with a red or yellow curb does it mean the area is fair game.    Vehicles should stay confined within the white lines of a legitimate parking space or risk being towed.  Fans should refrain from parking in other areas unless directed by UGA Police or Parking Services personnel.

Citizens are reminded to secure their vehicles and property prior to heading to the stadium.  Valuables should not be left in the passenger compartment of the vehicle where they can be seen. 

Open containers containing alcoholic beverages are prohibited by county ordinance and will be enforced on county streets and sidewalks.  More information can be found by reading the Athens-Clarke County ordinance 6-3-12 available at

Citizens old enough to consume alcoholic beverages are asked to consume them responsibly. People who consume too much alcohol put themselves in a position of greater vulnerability.  Statistics indicate that individuals who are under the influence of alcohol are more frequently the victims of persons crimes to include sexual assault.  Fans are encouraged to use the buddy system, particularly when they have been consuming alcohol.  It is unlawful for people under the age of 21 to consume alcohol.  

In an effort to help traffic flow after the games, the police department will be closing south bound traffic on North Ave at Martin Luther King, Jr., Pkwy.  This is being done in order to allow traffic to flow continuously north bound from Thomas Street and Dougherty Street.  Please see the following diagram.