Why did UGA implement the Gameday Gameplan?

The vast majority of UGA fans conduct themselves appropriately on gameday. In recent years, the increased support and attendance on gamedays has led to more safety concerns and damage to the campus.

The Gameday Gameplan will change very little for most Bulldog fans and will help ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone who comes to a game.

What sort of safety concerns do these regulations address?

Parking on sidewalks is a good example. When cars are parked on the sidewalk, pedestrians are pushed into the street and into the path of vehicle traffic. This is especially dangerous after games, when 90,000 or more fans are leaving the stadium.

This also makes it difficult for emergency vehicles – police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks – to respond to an emergency when needed.

Is there disability parking available?

In accordance with federal law, two percent of all parking spaces on the UGA campus are set aside for disability parking. Every lot has a certain number of disability parking spaces. It is recommended to park at the East Campus parking deck next to the Ramsey Center and take the free shuttle to Gate 6 at Sanford Stadium. Spaces are limited and are available on a first-come basis. Shuttles begin running 5½ hours before game time. Disability parking on the intramural fields is discouraged due to uneven terrain. If any questions, call 706-542-PARK or go to the Parking Services website www.parking.uga.edu.

Are any other SEC or National schools doing this?

Yes, almost all SEC schools have similar plans, and have had them for several years. In fact, Georgia’s plan is very consistent with other schools’ plans, and not as restrictive as some. At Tennessee, for example, all campus parking is by permit only. Florida, prohibits open containers of alcohol on campus. LSU does not allow tents to be set up before 7 a.m. on gameday, limits the size of tents and requires that they be taken down before the game. Other schools, such as Auburn, Mississippi State and Texas A&M have taken similar measures.

Nationally, Notre Dame does not allow set-up before 7:30, prohibits tents and charcoal grills and does not allow tail gating during the game. Other national schools to address these issues are the University of North Carolina and the University of Michigan.

I lost an item on gameday.  Who do I contact?

For items believed lost in the stadium, please email lostfound@sports.uga.edu or call 706-542-7944.  For other lost and found inquiries, please contact detectives@police.uga.edu.

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Where are restrooms located on gameday?

Portable restrooms will be set up around campus. In addition, permanent restrooms are available at the Tate Center, Miller Student Learning Center and Joe Frank Harris Commons.

I usually set up my tailgate on Friday night and come back on Saturday. What’s the problem with that?

The campus is home to our students, and fans should show the same courtesy to them that they would expect in their own homes and backyards.

By our count, only about 250 people have set up tailgates before 7 a.m. on gameday, so the number of people affected is very small compared to the size of the gameday crowd.

Does the fact that I can’t set up a tailgate before 7 a.m. on gameday prevent me from coming onto campus before that time?

Fans will still be able to arrive early on campus and park their cars in legal spaces as long as they do not begin creating noise and setting any items (tailgate equipment, tents, tables chairs etc.) before 7 a.m..  As long as these items remain inside a vehicle people can arrive and park prior to the 7 a.m. approved tailgating time.

There is also a pre-paid parking plan for several of the parking decks on campus. Fans will get information about the plan when their tickets arrive. Fans will be allowed to purchase a ticket book, guaranteeing them a spot in the deck of their choice, regardless of when they arrive.

Additionally, the intramural fields across College Station will be made available for overflow parking, with shuttle buses running to Gate 6.

Where can I set up if I have a corporate tailgate?

Large groups of people are certainly not prohibited from tailgating together, as long as they don’t infringe on the tailgates of others or impair the free flow of traffic. Activities that would constitute a “corporate” or “professional” tailgate include, but are not limited to fencing, advertising banners, private security, bartenders, sales of alcohol, and a charge for admission. Those who wish to organize “corporate” and “professional” tailgates should contact Georgia Sports Properties at 706-354-4685 for information concerning designated corporate areas. Additional large group parking and tailgating may be available through other private lot owners around campus.

Where can I get power for my TV?

We recommend that you use your vehicle to power any audio or video equipment. AC converters can be purchased at most electronics stores. Generators are not prohibited (except on North Campus), but are not recommended as they present many safety hazards.  Plugging into any UGA power source is strictly prohibited.

How is alcohol consumption managed on gamedays?

Legal and responsible consumption of alcohol is allowed on campus on gamedays. Please note, there are 17 city streets that run through campus and are under the jurisdiction of Athens-Clarke County Government regulations, which includes an ordinance banning open containers of alcoholic beverages.

Are open fires allowed at tailgates?

Open wood burning or other physical material fueled fires (paper, trash, fire logs etc.) are not allowed on the ground, fire rings or in chimalayas.  Fires are simply too dangerous with all of the pedestrian and vehicle traffic on games days.  In addition there remains too great of a possibility that embers remain smoldering once all tailgates are packed up and fans go home.  This does not apply to charcoal fires contained within grills.

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Are there free lots on campus during gamedays and which should I use?

Yes. There are free spaces scattered throughout campus. The highest concentration of free spaces is at the East Campus area around the Ramsey Center. This includes free parking in the East Village Parking Deck and the Intramural Field Parking Deck. Once the available spaces are exhausted in those areas, additional overflow parking will be made available at the Intramural Fields across College Station Road.

Where can I find information about parking and traffic on gameday?

The University has set up an AM frequency at 1650 AM that will provide recorded information that runs continuously concerning traffic and parking issues. In the case of an emergency, the police will interrupt the recording with live information to assist fans.

Where can I get information on parking decks?

For more information on on-campus parking decks, please click here.

Can I have a grill in the parking deck?

No, grills and other flammable devices are not allowed in or on top of the parking deck. They are a fire hazard and are prohibited. We ask that you set up your grill in an open area outside the deck.

May we save spaces for others within a lot?

No. All parking on campus (other than those controlled by the Athletic Department or pre-sold in parking decks) is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I park my trailer in a valid parking space?

Guests visiting campus for the upcoming football season will be allowed to bring a trailer or other pull-behind item into University parking lots.  The pull-behind item must fit in a marked parking space and not extend into any adjacent space, driveway or lane of traffic within a parking lot.  Trailers and pull-behinds are subject to all parking rules and towing.  Golf carts or ATVs are not permitted on campus.

Is there a charge to park in the parking deck at the Intramural Fields?

No. The parking deck at the Intramural Field is free of charge.

Where can I set up my tailgate within a parking lot?

Most parking lots are surrounded by grassy areas where fans can set up their tailgate. In addition, chairs that are easily moveable can be set up on sidewalks, as long as they allow the free passage of pedestrians through the area. Inside a parking lot, all tailgates should keep travel lanes open for vehicle traffic and should not take up, or block access to, other parking spaces.

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Intramural Field Parking

Will there again be parking on the intramural fields?

Yes. Due to the limited space on campus, there may be a need to park cars on the intramural fields. The Intramural Fields deck will allow us to accommodate more cars in the area. Once the deck space is full, we will move overflow parking to the Intramural Fields. The Intramural Fields will only be used for parking after all spaces on East Campus have been exhausted. Once that point is reached, attendants will direct people across College Station Road to the fields.

Once the game ends, how long can I keep my car on the intramural fields?

Fans parking at the Intramural Fields are asked to remove their cars no later than three hours after the game ends. Cars remaining after that time will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Can I tailgate on the Intramural Fields?

Yes, we encourage fans to tailgate responsibly on the intramural fields. Please follow the lead of parking attendants, bag all of your trash, and refrain from using glass, sharp objects, or other items that might damage the fields or cause harm to those who use the fields year-round. Also, staff from the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division will provide bags and containers for recycling purposes. The intramural field complex provides recreational opportunities for more than 30,000 students and it is critical that we protect the fields and the students who use them. In the event of rain on gameday or in the days leading up to the game, the fields may not be available for tailgating or parking purposes.

Check back for information on field availability the Friday before the game in the event of rain.

Why did you decide to use some of the intramural fields for parking?

The decision to make the four softball fields adjacent to East Campus Road (fields 2,3,4 and 5) available for football parking was made only after careful consideration. 

After monitoring gameday procedures for several years, we have made a few changes in gameday parking policy. To improve safety and allow for emergency vehicle access, parking will no longer be allowed on sidewalks and landscaped areas near most campus buildings, including student housing and academic facilities. As a result, it was necessary to provide alternative parking options. Given the lack of surface area parking and large open areas close to campus, the softball fields emerged as an option. After reviewing the situation with a turf specialist and consulting with other institutions, we reached the conclusion that these four fields could be used without significant damage to the turf. Please note that the other five fields at the intramural complex – including the rugby field along College Station Road, the field adjacent to the lake often used for ultimate frisbee, and all the fields near the tennis courts towards the back of the complex – will not be open for gameday parking.

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If I don’t normally take the Loop, how do I get where I want to go?

The Georgia 10 Loop circles Athens, much like I-285 does Atlanta. Many times, the direction you are used to taking actually takes longer, based on traffic flow. That is why law enforcement in the area will be positioned at points around the loop to direct traffic. Also, signs will help to direct fans to their desired destination. To view interactive maps of the area, as well as alternate routes to common destinations. Cars will not be “forced” onto the loop if they are on a major artery leaving Athens.

How can I get traffic information on gameday?

Signs will be posted throughout the city directing people in and out of town. This will include multiple LED signs on the Loop. Also, tune into AM 1650 for recorded traffic and emergency information. In case of emergency, law enforcement officers will alert the public through this frequency.

How will the parking plan improve traffic?

The changes on campus over the past several years positively impact traffic in a multitude of ways. First of all, cars are moved from the sidewalks and into proper parking areas. With the sidewalks open for pedestrians, they can get out of the streets, allowing for a much smoother flow of post-game traffic. Second, proper parking allows easier exit from the parking lots and decks. Finally, more staff and signage on and around campus will help move traffic, getting fans out of town in an orderly manner.

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North Campus

What specific changes have been implemented on North Campus?

To reduce physical damage to North Campus grounds and mitigate behavioral concerns, the following procedures affect North Campus:

  • Tailgating on North Campus will be allowed beginning five (5) hours before kickoff.
  • The following items will not be allowed on North Campus on gamedays:
  • Kegs
  • Generators
  • Televisions
  • Amplified music
  • Grills or cookers of any type
  • Tables larger than six feet long
  • Household furniture (folding chairs not included)

These regulations will impact a core group of fans who tailgate on the North Campus, Herty Field and surrounding areas. For those fans who still desire to tailgate in a large group, there are a host of other large spaces for fans to tailgate without risking the historic assets of the University campus while giving fans ample access to parking and other facilities.

What is considered North Campus?

North Campus is defined as the area bounded by Broad Street, Lumpkin Street, Baldwin Street and Jackson Street (including, but not limited to, the quadrangle between Broad Street and Old College, the quadrangle between Old College and the Main Library, and Herty Field).

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