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Many of the lots surrounding the stadium are permitted by the Athletic Association and allocated through a points system. There is a limited amount of non-permitted public parking near the stadium which is available on a first-come, first-served basis (saving spaces is prohibited).

The highest concentration of free public parking on gameday is available on East Campus, surrounding the Ramsey Center off College Station Road. East Campus offers multiple decks and surface parking.

Overflow parking is located at the Intramural Fields and will only be used once all spaces on East Campus have been filled. Fans parking at the Intramural Fields are asked to remove their cars no later than three hours after the game ends. Cars remaining after that time will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Additional public parking is available at many churches and businesses throughout town, as well as through the Downtown Athens Parking SystemPrestige Parking and Tailgate Station.

There are designated areas for RV’s and large trailers. For more information on these areas, please contact the Athletic Association . Additional RV spaces are available through UGA Parking Services, Bulldog Park, and other private lot owners.

Parking Regulations

To manage the large amount of cars on campus on gameday, the University has implemented parking procedures that will serve to keep the public safe from oncoming traffic and to allow emergency vehicles and public transit easier access to the campus. 

Sidewalk parking is not allowed on campus unless directed by UGA police or parking services.

  • When cars park on sidewalks, pedestrians are pushed into the street, creating a safety hazard and slowing traffic.

Parking on grass and other landscaped areas is not allowed (except as designated by the University).

  • One aspect that draws visitors to the University is its beauty. When vehicles are parked on grass and other landscaped areas, it harms what took many years to create. There are enough spaces on campus for all of the vehicles that arrive on gameday, so please be patient and park in an approved space.
  • Fans using a tent or canopy over the tailgate of a vehicle should keep travel lanes open for vehicle traffic and should not take up space in other parking spaces

One vehicle per parking space.

  • We've all seen it — one car, surrounded by a grill, seven chairs and three coolers, filling four parking spaces while you drive in circles. This type of parking means that 3 or 4 other vehicles are forced farther away from campus each time this happens. Our new policies will help ensure that more people can park within an easy walk of the stadium.

Additional Items

Guests visiting campus for the upcoming football season will be allowed to bring a trailer or other pull-behind item into University parking lots.  The pull-behind item must fit in a marked parking space and not extend into any adjacent space, driveway or lane of traffic within a parking lot.  Trailers and pull-behinds are subject to all parking rules and towing.  Golf carts or ATVs are not permitted on campus.

Additionally, tailgates (tents, tables, etc.) can not be set up in parking spaces on campus, including those areas controlled by the Athletic Association.

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